5 luxury brands whose prices are cheaper in Europe

5 luxury brands whose prices are cheaper in Europe

Europe is at the top of the list of mandatory travelers. Diverse culture, amazing architecture, and unlimited adventure are just a few examples of a few reasons to visit there.

Quickly, Europe is also a paradise for shopping for branded goods. The tantalizing discounts offered by branded boutiques there are no wonder that making Europe one of the most fashionable continents in the world!

How come it’s cheaper?

The reason: VAT refund a.k.a tax for citizens of non-European Union (EU).

Last year, due to the Brexit event and the fall in the Euro, there had been a significant price gap between Europe and Asia and the United States (US). Branded brand lovers take advantage of this opportunity to add one or five bags collection as an investment. Since then, well-known brands have made price adjustments to cover their losses so that the prices of these brands are now almost the same throughout the world.

Non-EU citizens who shop in Europe can still save money because they qualify for tax returns. Keep in mind, currency exchange rates, variations in the amount of taxes, and import duties from the country of origin may be imposed so that it affects the overall price paid, which means it also affects the amount of money saved.

Discount from Designers – THIS IS THE SECRET

Due to various factors, it is rather difficult to determine which country is the cheapest place to buy. You should find out and calculate the price of travel time to get a suitable calculation.

The key word to remember is LUXURY, so it’s almost impossible that in one sentence we combine it with “cheap”. Here, we use the term BEST OFFER. The idea is that you can save a lot by shopping at the right place!

1. Louis Vuitton in France

Swinging the steps into a flagship store like Champs Elysees to choose a beautiful leather bag while your high heels touch the porcelain floor is a bag lover’s dream. Even so, these iconic shops, including Louis Vuitton, have long queues, and are crowded with shoppers who buy the maximum amount of their quota. Shop assistants are usually very busy, so if you don’t know what you want, shopping here will be rushed and tiring.

For a more relaxed shopping experience, try Avenue Montaigne. In order not to regret having spent enough money, do some research beforehand and check if there is a bag that you are after. Don’t forget, you can always call the shop first to check whether your coveted bag is available, also to check the price for comparison.

2. Givenchy in Paris

You will most likely find the best prices for French brands in Paris, and Italian brands in Italy. So, while roaming boutiques in Paris, look for deals on Givenchy, Chanel, YSL, and Louboutin.

3. Burberry in London

If you want to save 30-40% from the boutique price, the outlet store is the right choice for you! Burberry has several places in the UK, including Bicester Village and Burberry Factory Shop in London. The latter store is now increasingly popular because it can be reached by bus from central London. The neat and spacious range of stores offers a pleasant shopping experience.

As with most outlets, usually the stock is somewhat out of season, especially for clothes, jeans and shoes; different from bags and accessories. Even so, do not assume it applies continuously, we will never know!

4. Saint Laurent on Serravalle

The biggest outlet mall in Europe, Designer Outlet Serravalle, which offers hundreds of medium to luxury brands, is only minutes from the city of Milan.

Besides Saint Laurent, Versace, D&G, and Robert Cavalli are among the top brands that you can find with a 30-50% discount there. And if you’re lucky, maybe up to 70%!

5. Gucci in Italy

Surrounded by beautiful hills in Tuscany, The Mall is an upscale outlet filled with Italian and non-Italian brands. There is free parking and a chic cafe with a beautiful rooftop view.